The Carthican Fiend


There was once an old witch that lived in the forest. They say she made deals with infernal creatures. She only ventured into town rarely and when she did, the townsfolk were careful to cross to the other side of the road. They feared her curses. No one really noticed when the woman disappeared. Not until she came back, almost a year later and clearly pregnant.

They say she refused to name a father, even to the midwives in the throes of labor. The woman died giving birth. Those who saw her body would tell stories about how it looked as if something had torn her apart from the inside. The two midwives claimed the child died with her, though no one saw it’s body.

A few years later, hunters and travelers began to report sightings of an imp in the forest. It got blamed when things went missing in the forest. Those passing through would wake to find their campsite a mess, bags rifled through, rations and trinkets missing. As time went on, the imp became a devil and a fiend. As it grew, it got better at hiding, fading from fact to rumor.

Until one day, it creeped up on the town. Silently and slowly, no one noticed until it was near the council hall. Fearing the worst, the guards seized it and took it before the Council leaders. It was there that he explained, in broken common and Sylvan, that there was something in the forest even he was afraid of.


The Fiend grew up in the forest. His father, an elven bard, was long gone before he ever even knew he had a son. The Fiend’s mother, the witch, died in childbirth. All he knows is the forest. A dryad called Willow taught him the magic of the forest. She was the closest thing to a mother he ever had. He learned to speak Sylvan from her and the other forest dwellers, and a bit of common from those who passed through.

It didn’t take him too long to discover the value of staying hidden. Even the Gnolls got skittish when he ventured too far out of the shadows. So, he did most of his activities at night. When he couldn’t, he used his wild shape to move unnoticed through the trees.

He’d noticed something going wrong in the forest for a while, but it wasn’t until Willow went missing that he decided to investigate. He found the woodmen and quickly realized he was outnumbered. Reluctantly, he went to Carthica for help.

He knows he wants to save the forest. Beyond that, he isn’t sure. His trip to Carthica is the first time he’s set foot outside of his tiny world. What he sees will determine whether or not he wants to keep expanding it.


The Fiend is curious and quiet, often watching and trying to learn. Though he’s very good at picking up the basics of language, he’s often confused by the wordplay and puns loved by his traveling companions. Sprawling cities and large crowds overwhelm him easily, but he does his best to not let it show.

Many of the lessons Willow taught him centered around silencing the call to darkness. She had him make friends with the animals so he would be kind and protect them. He speaks easily and often to the creatures they meet. He also staunchly refuses to eat anything that might be a friend, though he has no qualms and occasionally takes great pleasure in killing and eating anything that violates the unspoken peace treaty.

Prized Possessions

The Doll

Sam has had the doll for a long time. It almost by accident how he found out what it could do.

A cruel man passed through the forest, thoughtlessly killing animals for fun. After he slaughtered a bear cub, the mother attacked him. He managed to kill her as well, but not before being greiviously wounded. Sam got the man’s blood on the doll as he went through the man’s belongings (finding his mage hand). He then went searching for the man to finish him off. Meaning to scare the man out of hiding so he could kill him or chase him away, he drove small sticks and turns into the doll only to discover that it hurt the man.

Z’Harrin’s Masterwork Bow

Before leaving, Z’harrin made a composite shortbow for Sam and taught him how to use it. This was the first item ever given to Sam, everything else he’s had was pilfered from travelers in the Nulwood. As such, he values it highly, caring for it the way he was taught.

Greenwood Staff

Given to him by Versallis, Sam sees the staff as a part of home. He treats it with reverance and respect. The staff appears to made of living wood with one Versallis’s crystals in the top. It must be laid on the dirt for at least an hour a week to stay alive, though Sam gives it dirt every night they camp, keeping it as healthy as possible. It also requires water, which he does every morning and night.

Aside from being a magical weapon, it also connects Sam to Versallis, allowing the latter to see through the staff. In this way, he can learn about the world as Sam does.

Cloak of the Halfblood[edit]

Bought for him by Cheddar, this cloak looks like a fairly average traveling cloak. However, it suppresses Sam’s Tiefling traits, allowing him to look fully elven. When Aaron wore it, it made him appear human.

Sam likes how it makes people not so afraid of him. He doesn’t have to hide so much.


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