Adaanto the Redeemer
Life, Light, War
Once a knight-captain of Leto, Adaanto marshaled the forces of the kingdom to repel invaders and defend the weak, oftentimes throwing himself headfirst into dangerous conditions that he never subjected his own followers to. His ascension occurred when he challenged an enemy army and drove them back himself, so as not to risk the lives of his men. His mortal injuries claimed his life there, but many believe he was resurrected, and his descendants rule over the kingdom he helped to save.

Followers of Adaanto are asked to stand against tyranny and excess, and to embrace the selflessness and courage that their patron did. Paladins, healers, monks, and many warriors are frequent believers in the Adaantan faith, and many mercenary companies in the southlands have adopted their own signature blades, modeled after the curved sword the divine knight used.

Tyras, Inquisitor King
Knowledge, War
The ruler of the duchy of Farthik for a century, Tyras was a man of unparalleled wisdom, and his advice was sought after by many, including those outside of his own lands. So many came to revere him that, upon his death, the land’s diviners proclaimed that the great arbiter had achieved godhood. Now his wisdom can be sought by his holy men and any other practitioner who is able to reach the god.

The Tyran Inquisition serves the Grand Duke of Dugran, though the church itself has chosen to remain out of the affairs of the state. Inquisitors, soothsayers, judges, and barristers are no strangers to the services and feasts of Tyras, and many bounty hunters and city watchmen invoke his name while tending to their duties.

Karcarel, Tyrant Eternal
Death, Knowledge, Trickery
Few know much of Karcarel’s origins, other than being a devil prince of the underworld. It’s said, though, that the only way to learn about him is to suffer under his yoke. The only thing widely known about him is thus: even from his throne in Hell, he holds the power of a god, and that is enough for some to worship him.

Slavers, kidnappers, and members of other unsavory professions worship Karcarel, believing such acts will bring them glory and profit. Many are the aristocrats who are ousted from their positions of power when tools or altars of worship are uncovered in their manses, as well. So long as there are those who desire control over others, the Tyrant will have followers, even if they must remain hidden to do so.

The Martyred
Knowledge, Life
Throughout history, there have been many who have given their life up for noble causes, giving up their futures to deliver messages so powerful, the heavens took notice. The souls of these innumerable heroes came together, and the collective consciousness of the Martyred came to be. Around the world, the presence of the Martyred allows spirits to remain, acting as emissaries of the other side, to ensure that their sacrifices did not go unnoticed.

Many people follow the beliefs of the Martyred, oftentimes by remembering and fulfilling the wishes of local heroes who gave their lives for an important cause. While this leads to a varied group of worshipers, many healers, adventurers, and bards follow the main tenants of the faith, oftentimes associating themselves with the legacies of the dead.

Twice-Shrouded Raven
Knowledge, Nature, Trickery
Divine for longer than anyone can remember, Twice-Shrouded Raven is as cryptic as his name implies, assuming that he was once a man in the first place. Even those that commune with him can say little as to his true motivations or interests, and it is rare that he intervenes in his followers’ actions. Because of this, there are many groups that take the Raven as a patron. Spies, thieves, and assassins pray to him to invoke the secrecy their trade demands, while druids and farmers worship the god of the skies and beasts. Faith and uncertainty mix together for all who follow him.

Dread Camus
Tempest, War
Legends tell of a man of unparalleled cruelty and might who traveled the land in search of a worthy foe. When he could find no mortal that could challenge him, he took his challenge to the gods themselves, and, in a display that shook the heavens, unseated and killed a now-forgotten god of might, then took his place in the pantheon. Once feared, he is now worshiped by those who seek power or fight for wealth or glory, such as gladiators and mercenaries.

Jevel Firresdotter
Light, Trickery
A member of the pantheon for ages, there are few who remember Jevel’s ascension to godhood. Widely known, however, is that she often abandons her place in the heavens to wander the lands. Fond of drink and good tales, both can be found in good supply wherever Jevel goes, and she demands little of her followers but to be hospitable and entertaining. She’s not overly fond of slavers or laws, but, either out of respect to the rest of the pantheon, or as a reflection of her divine status, she’s wisely chosen to ignore the mortal struggles that she may find herself in. Her acolytes – typically bards, warriors, and adventurers – have made no such promises.

Alduvyn the Boundless
Nature, Tempest
Daughter of the winds and waves, Alduvyn always sought to explore the edges of the world, ignoring any who tried to get in her way. It’s said that once she had seen all there was to see, she turned to the stars, and found her way among them. A patron of exploration and self-reliance, adventurers across the world are inspired to follow the roads she discovered long ago.

The Butcher of Empires
Death, Tempest, War
There is no recorded appearance of the Butcher that matches any other, save for the serrated rust-covered scythe it carries. It appears without warning to claim the lives of men and nations alike. Only the insane and shameless dare to worship the bringer of chaos and suffering; many followers wrongly assume such beliefs will keep the Butcher’s blade away from their own throats.


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