Character Creation

Determining Stats

To create a new character, roll two full sets of stats using 4d6 drop lowest. You may trade a stat from one set to the other, but only once. If neither set are considered usable for your character concept, you may use the standard array found in the Player’s Handbook, which are: 15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8.

Level, Feats, & Starting Equipment

For the arc beginning in June 2015, characters will begin at 7th level. Multiclassing is allowed, but only between two classes (for the time being). The optional feats rule is also allowed as written in the Player’s Handbook, obtainable instead of taking the Ability Score Increases gained by reaching certain levels (determined by your class(es)).

To determine the amount of gold your character has to purchase equipment, you can either:

1) take maximum starting gold, which can be found by class on page 143 in the Player’s Handbook, or;

2) take the recommended starting equipment listed in the character creation sections of your class and you background.

No matter which of the above options you choose, add 525 gp to your starting gold, to purchase more equipment.

Each character will begin play with two trinkets from the random trinkets table on pages 160 & 161. If two players roll the same trinket, whichever does so second may be asked to reroll.

Homebrew Backgrounds, Features, or Items

If, somehow, none of the backgrounds or features fit your vision of your character, message me privately on what ideas you have to fill the gap you perceive in the Player’s Handbook.

If you have an excess of gp after buying all the equipment you want out of the Player’s Handbook and have an idea for an item that isn’t listed, message me privately and we’ll work out a reasonable price (and benefit, if applicable) for it.

Magic Items

Each character will begin play with three homebrew magic items. At least one of them will be a +1 weapon. If you have a specific idea or inspiration you’d like your magic item to be based off of, message me privately. Magic items created in this way may have their abilities altered slightly during play, to accommodate a semblance of balance between players.

Character Creation

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