The Free Warrior


Common Knowledge
Davlannan is a monster hunter by trade. He’s from a small farming village but left it behind many years ago. He prefers ogre hunts over all else. He doesn’t eat meat, carries a drow blade, fights with a drow stye, and doesn’t fight drow unless they fight him first.

The Truth
Davlannan was raised in a farming community. He tended fields and livestock. It was hard-work, but he had a caring family.

One day an Ogre raided his village. Several villagers were stolen away into the mountains to his lair. A hunting party was formed, and Davlannan volunteered to be part of it. They tracked the creature deep into the craggy peaks. They succeeded in finding the lair, but not in their quest.

The ogre assaulted them, easily smashing down the would be heroes. He killed some, and crippled the rest. Over the days that followed, he ate them alive. Davlannan had to watch helplessly from a cage. Instead of being the last meal, the Ogre kept him alve. It enjoyed the company of a being it made suffer.

Over the three years of captivity, the Ogre only gave Davlannan the scraps of his human kills. Emaciated and weak, he used let Davlannan out of his cage. He even gave him a weapon each time. A chance for freedom. It was only to toy with his prey, but it backfired. Davlannan managed to slice the tip of one of the Ogre’s fingers off. He was never let out to, “play escape,” again.

One day Davlannan prayed to any god that would listen to free him. The ogre abruptly left the cave, and an earthquake destroyed the lair. The ground beneath Davlannan’s cage collapsed. He tumbled deep into the underdark. With his legs broken, he expected to die. But that was not to be.

A drow party discovered him. Their matriarch was traveling with them, and she commanded they take him to a distant underdark outpost. He was bed ridden for weeks, but unlike the crude cage he’d been a prisoner in so long, he spent this time in a private chamber. Her servants nursed him back to health, and once a week the matriarch would visit him. She was curious of tales of his life, and she would ask questions about his time with the ogre. She wanted to learn their language, and in turn he had to learn drow to speak with her.

When he was well enough she urged him to spar with her. To show her his combat skills. He feared the consequences of injuring her, but those fears were unnecessary. Compared to her, he was a farmer that would practically fall onto her blade. She began to spar with him every day. Although he was never allowed to leave his room, he was never treated like a prisoner.

The day finally came, he’d been well enough for weeks to be sold as a slave. The only reason he could gather is she hadn’t wanted to sell him yet. Shackled and hooded he was led for hours to the slave markets. When the hood came off, they were standing alone in a forest. She drew her blade and slashed his restraints. He asked why, but she only replied with a slash across the chest. Then she abruptly pulled him close and kissed him.

“Take this blade, so that you’ll always remember me.” She stepped back into the shadows of the forest, and the last thing she said was, “Never return.”

Now he seeks to discover which god saved him, and which god saved the ogre, whom he hunts to this day.


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