The Grinning Cat


Cheddar was born to the Clan Khajit. He was named J’Zargo by his father. His uncle Z’Harrin was extremely fond of J’Zargo, right up until the day that goblins attacked and massacred most everyone in the village.

J’Zargo was taken by the goblins and raised among them. The shaman and storyteller of their camp, a goblin named Snails, named the young catfolk Cheddar after his love of cheese, particularly the cheddar stolen from human caravans. Snails taught young Cheddar the art and magic of storytelling, leading to Cheddar’s choice to become a bard.

One day, without telling anyone, Cheddar snuck onto a caravan headed towards the city of Carthica, where he met Garet Regent, joined the the Last Tale, and began his life of adventure.

Cheddar is a chaotic neutral bard. He’s by no means a fighter, but he gets himself into a good deal of trouble. Usually, it’s trouble he can talk his way out of. Cheddar is an inimitably talented orator. He is quick-witted, sneaky, and self-interested, which is only one of the many reasons the leader of the Last Tale likes him.

Cheddar is a bard whose powers are based entirely around his remarkable oratory skills. His other powers revolve around stealth, trickery, and charming others.


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